Fairy forest

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About This Mod

Get lost in long, lush, densely populated forests equipped with high-performance meshes and frame-per-second textures. Changes were made to transport and ferry services, and many popular modes of transport, such as the northern routes, were taken into account.


There are 2 mode versions

Legendary forest (author's choice): a huge, thick, lush forest in which you can get lost. You can still see sunlight through the trees. decks.

Legendary forests of legendary scales: large, taller and richer forests that turn your forest into a dark and inevitable maze (no difference in productivity). Beware of adventurers.

See Mode Image for comparison.

The tree-like layout of this regime is borrowed from the character of the legendary Ulvenvald Travers and Wild Lands regime.

The tree-like creatures are taken from a happy little tree. Only now they are tall and grumpy young men.

Skyrim's asset seasons are taken from the beginning of the seasons.

The tree is much larger and has an arbitrary size to provide balance and variety of gameplay.

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