Community Shaders plugin

Mod version:1
Game version:1
The mod has been successfully tested for the absence of viruses

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About This Mod

Open source SKSE plugin to create a community of advanced graphics modifications for AE, SE and VR. The error has also been corrected.

Key Features:

Fast, multi-threaded compilation into disk cache is integrated with shader cache.
Asynchronous shader compilation for hot loading of shaders into the game in seconds.
You can access the game directly through SKSE and Commonlibse.
In-game menu with ImGui-based hints.
It is designed with speed and reliability in mind.
The bug was fixed.
VR support.
Open source - GPL-3.0. The community can add features and support the game without fear of closing it.

The productivity of the cultivation of the land has been significantly improved.
Fixed incorrect display of normals when displaying ambient and multilayer parallax.
He corrected the green reflection in the water.
TAA correction in VR light shader due to right eye flicker.

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