Reworked Elisif

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About This Mod

We have redesigned the visual design of the lonely Empress Dowager Queen of Beautiful Elysium, the beautiful Countess, npc to make her gorgeous, gentle, soft, fragile, beautiful and very realistic.

This mod is a redesign of Elysif. It has a very polygonal surface, hair, texture and custom made body CBBE. She has a body created by the author specifically for her.

Elegant and noble long curly hair with crown.

His face is small and thin, with a triangular chin. His neck is very long and graceful, like that of a swan.

The nose is long and potato-shaped. This is unique. Her lips are relatively thin and she uses pink lipstick.

She impresses with her large olive brown green eyes, long eyelashes and eyeliner.

He has a small mole on his chin.

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