Hearthstone Islands

Category - Buildings and cities
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About This Mod

In a sea of ghosts, far from the ice fields of Winterhold, are the Hartstone Islands.

Hearthstone Islands is a unique reconstruction project developed by students of esoteric college. Deca is an opportunity for students to cooperate between teachers and gain experience in developing modes in a structured learning environment, to receive detailed feedback and work at a higher level.

To begin your journey to the Hartstone Islands, you will need to meet 2 familiar figures in the hot springs of the volcanic tundra near Kainsgrove or go straight to Windhelm Dock.

This small archipelago might have gone uncharted had a company of the Eastern Empire not stumbled when a drunken captain made a wrong turn on the starboard side en route to Los Claire. Despite its modest size, this future resort boasts a small unique community of people (for better or worse) who are the basis for the expansion of an empire that does not face solitude.

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