Talisman cards for the magician, warrior and thief

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About This Mod

Maud adds 3 mascot cards and 3 edible cards (Cursed Warrior, Thief, and Wizard Ha October). Each card has racial requirements (sorcerer, warrior, thief's stone). For example, if a wizard's stone is active, the warrior and thief's mascot will not work until the stone is active. An edible postcard is prepared at the stake, and an amulet is prepared in a white orchid tattoo of the sky. The recipe for edible cottage cheese is simple - salt + beer + salmon or buckwheat + simple vegetables (carrots, apples, potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage). The recipe for the amulet is also simple (linen fabric + mammoth tusks, or tray tusks, or troll skulls + 4 gems (2 regular and 2 perfect).

The mascot warrior constantly activates his ability to go crazy. The wizard has a permanent shield. Thieves have invisibility. The card has the same 666 seconds. The warrior needs a lot of beer and meat (mammoth body). Small thief (salmon). The wizard is vegan and does not drink (prefers vegetables and fruits).

Mistakes, Collisions: 6 Vanilla Magic Shield (x10) and Berserker Orc (x100) racial abilities are affected. Magical shields are invisible (only on edible mage maps they work from all sides at the same time).

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