Seven biomes | Map for Minecraft

Category - Tests
Mod version:v1.0
Game version:1.18
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About This Mod

The original Minecraft card appeared in the game world called 1.18 Biomes for the seventh version and is certainly remembered by players who downloaded it with interesting tasks.

So, now in the game you will be able to walk a long path in one direction. The map is an excellent manifestation of the genre of parkour-game, where each participant should maximize their performance. Cards are not very difficult, just players will spend different time on their playthrough. If the player's experience is small - 1 hour - 30 minutes, the average experience - 30 minutes - 20 minutes, experienced players - 20 minutes - 10 minutes. Enjoy your time in Minecraft!

description_0 Seven biomes | Map for Minecraft

How to install a card

The first step: download the archive with the map.

Step 2: Extract the archive and create a folder.

Step 3: Copy the Seven Biomes maps folder to the .minecraft/saves section.

Step 4: Find the map in the "Single Game" menu tab.

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