Big country | Map for Minecraft

Category - Cities
Mod version:v1.0
Game version:1.17.1
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About This Mod

Big Country for Minecraft is a unique map that will allow you to stroll through the big cities and get new experiences from your travels. Before your eyes will be huge metropolises with various details and other interesting features.

You will be able to visit every house, find many secrets and admire the fascinating architecture of everything around. We recommend that you savor every moment of the adventure and just enjoy the time. You'll get the most out of the game. We wish you new emotions and success!

description_0 Big country | Map for Minecraft

How to install a card

The first step: download the archive with the map.

The second step is to unpack the archive and create a folder.

Step 3: Copy the "Big Country" map folder to the .minecraft/saves (if it doesn't exist, create it yourself).

Step 4: Find this card in the menu of the Single Game tab.

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