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About This Mod

The most global Pokémon mode, this is a brand new mode that allows you to do many things that are closely related to the game. It has an XP level system that is an exact copy of the original game and you will get the experience you need to upgrade. Every 5 minutes the game automatically saves all progress, including all items from your inventory. The next time you boot to Gta5 Pokemon Go mode, all previous data will be automatically downloaded. 

Unique Pokémon Game Model

When you explore Los Santos, you'll find a variety of Pokémon next to you, and you'll need to throw Pokénbolas at them and catch them. The captured Pokémon will be stored in a warehouse.


The Pokestops all over Los Santos. Pokestops are an important source of pokeballs and eggs. You can spin the pokestops on foot and repeat the same every 5 minutes. With 3 unusual eggs at 10 km, 5 km and 2 km you complete 10 km of eggs, put them in an incubator, then run 10 km, and after a run you get a Pokémon.

UI Overview

Once you've caught the Pokémon, you can search for them by name. They will follow you and protect you if you are attacked. You can control which Pokémon you want to set as a personal security guard for the Pokémon in your inventory.

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