Monster Motocross Suit

Category - Clothes for GTA 5
Mod version:1
Game version:1
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About This Mod

Monster Energy Skin Moto X mod replaces the motocross suit texture with one of the true Monster Energy.1-style textures and colors

It's a good mod, but it replaces the standard deck that no character wears, and you can choose from the many trainer images available in this outfit.

It seems all right, I put it on the site, so I asked where to find something like that.

Unfortunately, I do not understand how to wear glasses, maybe my coach is not working properly, try another coach.

Control mode.

Use the gta5 instructors to find a place where you can change your character's face color (try to find clothes, motocross costume and change the color with one of the mode 1 colors).

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