Tunnel with raiders

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About This Mod

This mod adds a small location to the Mojave Wasteland. Before visiting this location, it is recommended to replenish your inventory with medicines and snacks. Even in this fashion works with the type of "Randomizer".

Raiders in the area are not very cool, and some players use their weapons to throw chairs against walls and kick monitors while shouting hysterically! There are no doctors here, so that drug lovers will be able to understand first-hand what addictions are, there are fires and ovens, and about the bench I will stay silent.

But the prize is worth it! It's in a box that says, "This is your award!"

Error: Neutral Miner is running through the tunnel.

If you jump out at the entrance to the site - get out of all joint teams and go to the "heel". You are not children - you must learn and do something yourself.

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