Swap Body Carrier Chassis Pack [requires Krone DLC]

Mod version:1.5.3
Game version:1.49
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About This Mod

These models are made from real products: Mercedes-Benz Actros 2014 chassis with interchangeable body, modeled on the "Saxas Fahrzeugbau" system; MAN TGX Euro6 and MAN TGX 2020 chassis with interchangeable body, modeled on the "MAN" system. The Scania is based on the "Standardlifter" model from B. Göbel & Sohn GmbH. Alternatively, a second chassis based on the Brandl Fahrzeugbau GmbH carrier system can be selected for the Scania. These chassis were modeled, textured and implemented in EuroTruckSimulator2 by me (Sebastian7870) and SCS Software.Air intakes in the cabin Mercedes-Benz New Actros 2014 A special thanks to MatzeH for the modeling.

'Krone Swap Body Pack' is required.

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