Krone Swap Body Pack (mod dependent) [requires Krone DLC]

Mod version:1.4.3
Game version:1.49
The mod has been successfully tested for the absence of viruses

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About This Mod

In this case we have prepared "Asset Pack" ;). It is required for mods that use models/textures/loads from this fashion file. To avoid conflicts (models/textures) and reduce the effort of other modders, this mod file is separated from other mods. This mod file is dependent on other mods and does not add any content by itself. All files were modeled, textured and applied to EuroTruckSimulator2 by me (Sebastian7870).

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As a fashion designer, how can I use the files (textures and models) included in this modification for my own project?

Models, textures, and other files in this fashion should "reference" project files in your fashion. Instead, refer to the desired files (textures and models) of this mod from the file ".sii". If you need more detailed instructions, do not hesitate to ask.


Reloading of files included in this modification is not allowed.


This change was made by Sebastian7870.

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