Double slots

Category - Interface for Cyberpunk 2077
Mod version:1.2
Game version:All
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About This Mod

Double Slots for Cyber Software

This System-Ex patch doubles the number of available esports slots and simplifies the regulation of the number of slots per zone.

System-Ex has been updated to version 1.05.

All cyber devices are inspirational, but six are too many, and some cyber devices disable other cyber devices (e.g., fireproof coating shuts down heat exchangers, inductors must be coated with earth, etc.).

All three are successful.

Replacing the default slot:

Frontal cortex (3 slots) → 6 slots

Cardiovascular system (3 slots) → 6 slots

The immune system (2 slots) → 4 slots

Nervous system (2 slots) → 4 slots

Visceral system (3 slots) → 4 slots

Operating System (1 slot) → 2 slots

Skeleton System (2 slots) → 4 slots

Hands (1 slot) → 2

Hands (1 slot) → 2 slots

Legs (1 slot) → 2

You can select any safe and useful quantity from the mode options menu.

description_0 Double slots

description_1 Double slots

description_2 Double slots

description_3 Double slots

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