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About This Mod

3D icons for WOT were created shortly after the game's launch and are updated to this day. Since then, only a few icons have survived, and many have disappeared without being used. However, these icons were very useful and popular among tank crews.

World of Tanks has two versions of 3D tank icons. In the first version, the color lining is completely removed, and only the tank, its type and level are displayed on the icons. In addition, the advanced equipment in the form of gold coins is clearly visible.

In the second version, the icons use the background color to indicate the type of tank. Heavy tanks are gray, guns are red, and so on. In general, the icons can only be judged on the positive aspects.


Identification of tank classes

Clear and easy-to-read 3D tank icons 

Display advanced tanks

The XVM mirrored and stereo icons in the archive have been changed.

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