Quantum Reshade

Mod version:1.65
Game version:1
The mod has been successfully tested for the absence of viruses

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About This Mod

LUTs were created to remove filters present in the engine.

The colors of the planets were retained, but the filtering of Bethesda was significantly reduced.

Adjusted interior lighting to make the green filter less visible, but it is still present in the story interior when rendered in the engine.

CAS contrast sharpness is set to sharpen the blurred image.

Adjust HDR. values for maps with very bright sun and stars to ensure that details are not lost due to pixel clipping.

The game now looks brighter while still retaining a sense of vanity.

For DLSS users: Added AMD Fidelity CAS for sharpening.

The shadow curves have been adjusted to prevent the game from becoming too dark.

Some effects have been adjusted to reduce excessive contrast.

You have configured a black point and a white point.

Added autocorrection for some colors.

Adjust the shadows so they don't get too dark and match the game engine.

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