The Walking Dead Zombie Apocalypse

Category - Programs for Skyrim
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Game version:1
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About This Mod

A new fix for the Skyrim special is the creation of dead zombies that appear on the surface of all Skyrim, so it looks more like a real zombie apocalypse. zombies appear on plains, marshes, forests, mountains, canyons and shores, and even the cold of Skyrim does not stop them (but indoors or in dungeons, etc.). They are invisible.).).Maud will entertain those who are waiting patiently for the beginning of the real zombie apocalypse (which is probably not far off). Maud begets zombies on the surface of every Skyrim landscape. No other changes have been made, and everything is the original asset. Arm yourself with a silver weapon, some undead spells, and fire spells, and you'll probably become half a good zombie hunter as you travel through your normal Skyrim missions.

They attack guards, bandits, soldiers, Talmore (it can be good or bad), so try not to let zombies gather in the army (if they belong to other kinds of undead. In addition, too close an approach can confuse townspeople and stray non-player characters (especially top-level zombies).

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