No restrictions on light sources - Light Limit Fix

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About This Mod

The new graphics mode for the special edition of Skyrim eliminates light limitations and improves dynamic game lighting.Access to the new features in October Shader mode adds unlimited dynamic lighting, particle lighting, contact shadows, torch lights, first-person lighting and more.Compatible with CE, AE and VR.


The shadow limit does not increase. If it increases, it will be a separate project.
Some lights will not be able to use clustering, but will need to increase in the future when the vanilla error is corrected.
Effect shaders have yet to be considered. I'm not sure they have the same problem.
Water shaders have not been considered yet, but they reflect all the lights.
Clustered shading:

Clustered shading requires a small performance reduction and much better scaling than direct or delayed shading.

Shading a cluster is the magic that made this project possible. This is what allows us to have a fully flawless scalable light source, achieve real lighting limitations and optimize particle lighting.

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