Zerofrost Ultimate Armor Collection

Category - Armor and clothing
Mod version:1
Game version:1
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About This Mod

This mod adds several October armor and magical sets of armor.

If you have the advantages of advanced blacksmithing, you can get it by any forging (armor parts are categorized as steel)

You can also find them:

To the southwest of the white runes, near a woman's stone, he guarded a locked trunk (with a key, one of the keepers). (Island in the middle of the lake).

Locked chest northwest of the mortar, next to the pupil's stone (the keeper has a key to 1 person)

To the northeast of the ruins of Kinstag is a guarded chest with a castle (you will find a key to a spider named Athena).

It is in a locked chest, guarded near Dunster, east of the Night Summoner Temple.

In a chest located on the left edge of Dragon's Leech's large porch.

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