Sprinter cards with artifacts

Category - Armor and clothing
Mod version:5.0
Game version:1
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About This Mod

Updated to version 5.0 - added steps to add alternative (new) textures to glass swords (over 100) and new vanilla weapons (武器モデルを索 引 付 け す るEuroEuroPaint.NET (Even primary school students can do this.Create a new transparent layer on top of the vanilla texture). The quality is very low, but 3. It's pretty playable when you play from a perspective.

This mod adds cards that you can beat in October (+150 shields, 200 guns, 10 photos). Each card has a set of requirements (skull artifacts and specific player actions). For example, if the requested artifact is unavailable, some effects on the map will not work. Edible cards are prepared in the tavern. The recipe for edible curd is simple: salt + horse meat + simple vegetables (carrots, apples, potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage). It is important that the requirements are indicated in brackets (inventory requirements are required).

Skull artifacts (like all items in this mode) are sold for about 5,000 (depending on your trading skills) at the Ravenwood store in Lucan Valerius in Ravenwood. The skull must be one of all kinds in the inventory. Lucanians are immortal (just in case). Horse meat and salt are added to the store (100 pieces each with a probability of 25%).

Cards have the following effects: Appeal, Magic Cloak (Fire, Cold, Electricity), Magic Shield, Candle, Rain (Token and Token), Snow (Mallard), Swimming (Token and Token), Sprint (Blochus), Block (Token), Enemy Spells and Shields, Health, Mana and Endurance (Token), Silence (Token), Magic Shield (Token), Magic Shield (Token), Magic Shield (Token), Magic Shield (Token), Magic Shield (Token), Magic Shield (Token), Magic Shield (Token), Magic Shield (Token), Magic Shield (Token), Magic Shield (Token), Magic Shield (Token), Magic Shield (Token), Magic Shield (Token), Magic Shield (Token), Magic Shield (Token), Magic Shield (Token), Magic Shield (Token), Magic Shield (Tokenus), Magic Shield (Tokenus), Magic Shield (Tokenus), Magic Shield (Tokenus), Magic Shield (Tokenus), Magic Shield (Tokenus), Magic Shield (Tokenus), Magic Shield (Tokenus), Magic Shield (Tokenus) to rebuild (Blokhus).

The skull itself has no effect, you only need to complicate the effect on the map. The skull has a number at the beginning of the name, and the numbers in parentheses in the name indicate which skull is needed on the map.

Some creatures will be summoned immediately (gender requirement), while others will be summoned if they have a torch (they will disappear when the torch is removed). The maximum number of creatures called increases to 666 (hidden benefits).

Mad Sword (100) is made of various liquid stone textures (amber, marble, malachite, etc.).).). Shields (150 shields) Drawings in different styles (graffiti, mosaic). Pictures with erotic content (style required). Level 100 is the legendary marble dragon Dvemar and 10 sets of ebony armor.

Summon goons with wild swords (100), medieval swords (20) and shields (150) to the list of deer and huge levels.

8 new weapon spells. Some swords are easy to prepare, while others require a recipe that appears in the tattoo menu. Added a wind sword that can also chop flying dragons.

Insects, conflicts: only the vanilla funnel merchants from the raven tree, Lucan Valerius, deer and giant levers suffer.

Installation: Insert ESP. Files C and 2 folders: programprogram files (x86)ルold scrolls5.Skyrim Legend version.v1. Enable using the game launcher using 3DLCData Enable using the game launcher.

Requirements: Dawning Guardian, Dragonborn.

We included a screenshot to add alternate textures to the new weapons using the TES5Edit editor, which is important as you can see in the game. If you are interested, it is recommended to read this esp. File (for ease of understanding). First, create a new row in the Texture Set section that contains the texture path. Then, in the static section, specify the path to the mash file (which, if using a new mash file, should be exactly where the creator placed it), and then in the [Weapons] section, specify the path to the network file, the texture (the new string in the texture set) and 1 weapon. Person's point of view. Create a weapon string containing an object (for example, 1.Model object from) (press for the weapon before normal and 1. You must specify 2 rows to be). It is also very important to specify the texture index (0, 1, 2, 3, or 4). Without the index, the game will not display the texture correctly. The index is responsible for the texture of the new weapon. For example, for steel clay, the index is 2. It is important to choose the right index, and then a new texture will appear immediately - after 1 week of endless trial and error I finally understood how it works).

私はテクスャチを 作 成 す る 最 も 簡 単 な 方 法 を 見 つ け ま し たTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheThePaint.NET Original. I'm taking a picture of dds. With the texture of the gun, I add a new layer of texture from the Internet and I completely close it. Then adjust the transparency of the layer properties. I set it to 100. I saved it in dds format. And I combine both layers. This saves you a lot of time (no need to play with weapons textures in dds files). For example, steel begins to glow with amber.

You can combine several types of weapons (use different indexes for weapon details). For example, a glass sword has a blue blade, a red handle, and a green scabbard. The index represents 4 blades, 3 handles and handles, and 2 sheath.

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