Set for Sims and Sims "LOVE AFFAIR"

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About This Mod

52 items: (Version 2) 10 women's maxi hairstyles with ethnic pattern, 6 men's maxi hairstyles, Women's sweater with v-neck (Version 3) (Version 2) Women's Asymmetrical One-shoulder Blouse, Women's Dress, Maxi Skirt, (Version 2) Straight Arrow Pants, Wide Women's Pants, Midi Necessary with No Details Dress (Version 2) Asymmetrical Mini Skirt, Women's Free Skirt, Long Waist Straps, Long High-cut Skirt Dresses Men's jackets, dresses, men's laubali jackets, part (version 3) Men's laubali jackets, Men's shirts, (version 2) Men's cardigan, Men's robe, Men's laubali shirt (version 2) Men's single button jackets, Cloaks, (2, High (version 2) Matching men's trousers, Men's T-shirt (version 2) Men's T-shirt (version 2) Versions) Low-seated men's straight pants suits, (version 2) Shirts, Men's T-shirt (version 2) T-Shirt (Version 2), Mens T-Shirt,-(Version 2) Shirt, Mens T-Shirt(Version 2) Shirt, Mens T-Shirt (Version 2) Shirt, Mens T-Shirt (Version 2), Mens T-Shirt (Version 2), Mens T-Shirt (Version 2), Mens T-Shirt (Version 2), also available for men (see Warnings and Precautions). Section "Gloves")-(Version 2) Shirt, Men's T-shirt(Version 2) Shirt, Men's T-shirt (Version 2) Men's T-shirt (Version 2) Shirt, Men's T-shirt (Version 2), Men's T-shirt (Version 2), Men's T-shirt (can also be used for women (see Warnings and Precautions)). Accessories for shirts (see Section "Gloves"), accessories for women's tops (see Section "Rings"), hair accessories (see Section "Hat"), hair accessories and bar accessories for John Lady Gown.

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