RDR2 Texture Toolkit

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Game version:1
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About This Mod

A tool based on the Neodymium GTA5 Texture Toolkit toolkit that allows you to create RDR.2 texture files without having to buy GTA5.

After you open the program, click File> New.

You can now import files by clicking Edit> Import. NOTE: The program explicitly accepts only DDS files. This means that if the file ends in .dds but is not opened in the program, the file is not in DDS format, even if it ends in .dds. If you want to delete an image you don't want, select the image you want to delete, then click Edit> Delete.

When you are ready to create a new ymt file, click File> Save. Select the folder where you want to place the ymt file.

Two ymt files will be created. An ymt file that has "_nya" is a file that can be used in RDR.2. You can delete another file.

The ymt file, which has "_nya", can now be renamed to whatever you want, and can now be used in Lenny's mod loader.

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