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About This Mod

Manages your mods for easy on and off.

This is a direct GTAV Mod Manager port. I did this to shorten the development time by a few weeks.

To use this app, you just do the following:

1. Create a subfolder in the RDR2 Mod directory (Click Open MOD Folder to browse to that directory). Name this subfolder with the name of the mod (i.e. " SCRIPTHOOK")

2. In this subfolder, place mod files as if this folder were your installation folder. (For example: if the fashion author says to put an xxx file in a subfolder in your game directory called "mods", then in that subfolder you created, make that folder" mods " and place the files accordingly. You should now have the RDR2Mods\MODNAME\mods\xxx file structure)

3. Press the RELOAD button in the manager and this mod will now appear in the list. Select the check box to mark as enabled, and then click SINGLE PLAYER when all your mods are enabled/disabled.

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