Tamriel in Minecraft

Category - Minecraft
Mod version:1.8
Game version:1.8
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About This Mod

The goal of the Tamriel in Minecraft project is to recreate the entire world of Nirn from the Elder Scrolls series in Minecraft. Thanks to the contributions of builders like you, the project will feature the entirety of Tamriel, the realm of Oblivion Mehrunes Dagon and Sovngarde. Landscapes and biomes will be as true to the story as possible, and cities will be recreated. I will be accepting model submissions (see submissions) and will be recreating cities and landmarks myself using stock Minecraft models, submitted models, and voxelized meshes from the original game. (See progress to see what I've completed to date). I'm also hoping to make a texture pack, which I'll link to when it's released.

If you like this mod, please give me permission to use your Minecraft Elder Scrolls models, schematics, textures, etc. or contribute by creating.

*Note: the MCEdit file is actually an excel file that can be used to teleport to another location!

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