Buildings of various equipment | Map for Minecraft

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Mod version:v1.0
Game version:1.17.1
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About This Mod

The construction of various equipment for the original Minecraft card version 1.17.1 will be remembered by all players who downloaded it to themselves.

After all, if you go into the game world to create your own map or maybe a city, the ideas proposed by the author can be easily used for their own purposes. So, by downloading the map, the player gets access to various interesting buildings from the author. Among them can be planes, trains, helicopters, various types of new cars (from Kamaz to tanks), types of cranes and much more. Participants - have fun in the Minecraft world!

description_0 Buildings of various equipment | Map for Minecraft

How to install a card

The first step: download the archive with the map.

Step 2: Unzip the archive and create a folder.

Step 3: Copy the Create Various Techniques map folder to the .minecraft/saves section (if it does not exist, create it yourself).

Step 4: Find this card in the menu of the Single Game tab.

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