Mobs from McForrs.

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Game version:1.19
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About This Mod

Mod McForrs's Mobs will allow you to test your fighting skills against four new enemies in the world of Minecraft Bedrock. Each new mob has a different skill set, so you'll have to use different tactics and weapons to defeat enemies.

Zombie mutants

Health: 100

Damage: 30

She spawns a zombie called the McForce to prevent the player from escaping.

If they lose sight of the player, they start digging.

Running to mobs is not recommended.

description_0 Mobs from McForrs.

Zombies McForrs

  • Health: 20 units
  • Damage: 3 points
  • Creeps away
    description_1 Mobs from McForrs.

Super Zombies

  • Health: 400 units
  • Damage: 40 units
  • Discards
  • After a powerful blow, it briefly becomes defenseless
    description_2 Mobs from McForrs.

Zombie Bishop

  • Health: 500 units
  • Damage: 50 Units
  • Powerful Strike
  • Discard
  • Lightning
  • Flight
    description_3 Mobs from McForrs.

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