Mob Head Survival | Minecraft map

Category - Skyblock
Mod version:v1.0
Game version:1.17.1
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About This Mod

Enjoy the survival of your favorite game.

description_0 Mob Head Survival | Minecraft map

To save time, we recommend using Mob Heads Survival Add-on for Minecraft. As before, this time you have access to the flying island, but with some modifications. Now Nahi will be attacked by the Mafia and their most horrible interpretation. And what exactly from this will turn out, you will already know personally, it will be enough just to go on this adventure and try to get the most fun from the game. Good luck!

description_1 Mob Head Survival | Minecraft map

How to install a card

Step 1: Download the map archive.

Step 2: Unzip the archive and create a folder.

Step 3: Copy the Mob Heads Survival map folder to the .minecraft/saves (if not, create it yourself).

Step 4: Find the map in the menu on the "Single Game" tab.

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