Adventure Squid Game | Map for Minecraft

Category - Adventures
Mod version:v1.0
Game version:1.17.1
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About This Mod

Version 1.17.1 called Escape SquidGame and the fascinating Minecraft map became available to gamers who downloaded them.

According to the plot, you must be a player who was a member of SquidGame, but the situation is that they regretted it very much. The challenge before you - just step by step level quickly get out of the deadly game, pass various tests and be sure to survive. The mood of the card and the great fun of the Minecraft game world are passed on to all participants!

description_0 Adventure Squid Game | Map for Minecraft

How to install the card:

The first step: download the archive with the map.

Step 2: Unzip the archive and create a folder.

Step 3: Copy the Escape The SquidGame folder to the .minecraft/saves.

Step 4: Find the map in the menu on the "Single Game" tab.

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