Deserve oblivion? Stair wing D45.

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About This Mod

A former factory two-stage space plane with inverted swept wings.

This was the first pitfall. The vertical take-off and landing capability was implemented with the help of the Guber orientation engine. In the new physical model, his thrust couldn't lift an airplane. The number of these engines was completely impractical for takeoff. They could be replaced with Making History RV-1 engines, but they did not merge completely, which further increased the weight of the aircraft and increased its cost. This is despite the fact that the vertical take-off function was designed so that the tail, i.e. the protruding jet engine, would not hit the runway. As the engines, air intakes and additional tanks are separated when launched into orbit, there is no such problem when landed on the ground, and there is no need for a vertical landing. Moreover, vertical landing consumes orders of magnitude more fuel than take-off, which is the best option. Therefore, it was decided to create a vertical take-off engine with a mercotron, which has a very low mass and good traction after use. So it's a VTO, not a VTOL. Orbiting is more important anyway. Of course, space planes have docking ports, so they can refuel in orbit and fly to another celestial body, and it is convenient to use hovercraft engines to land on a celestial body outside the atmosphere, but space planes usually have to "carry" any unwanted baggage such as wings and are therefore not very suitable for such flights. Space planes are better suited for orbital flights.

 And the second time they had to deviate from the original design was when they added the forward control plane. The second deviation occurred when the physical model was updated to improve the maneuverability in the atmosphere, which meant that the wings had to be moved forwards strongly or, better yet, a control plane had to be added to the nose in accordance with the duck method. Thus, the design still had to be changed. I chose the second option, which can be easily redone if desired. However, you can land on uneven terrain (except, of course, mountains).

 I have also replaced the directional system nozzle with a smaller one. This is because the airplane format allows you to position blocks for more torque.

description_0 Deserve oblivion? Stair wing D45.
description_1 Deserve oblivion? Stair wing D45.
description_2 Deserve oblivion? Stair wing D45.
description_3 Deserve oblivion? Stair wing D45.
description_4 Deserve oblivion? Stair wing D45.
description_5 Deserve oblivion? Stair wing D45.
description_6 Deserve oblivion? Stair wing D45.
description_7 Deserve oblivion? Stair wing D45.

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