DLC military update

Mod version:3.0
Game version:1
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About This Mod

The third DLC version of GTA San Andreas, now a number of new military machines will appear in the game.

1. The game features 9 brand new military jeeps built in game style. 2. Add 3 military trucks, 1 of which will launch missiles.

3. Military bases are occupied and now the military passes through them and fires without warning in case of illegal entry.

4. You can hijack a brand new car from a military base or get 5 or 6 stars.

5. Yes, yes, the new modes of transport look like 5 or 6 stars, and there are troops ready to wipe you off the face of the earth.

6. There is a hidden transfer (the map is in the archive along with the mod).

7. There's a mini mission where you have to kill the army and the mafia to capture the patriots. You can shoot in turret mode (press "G" while next to this machine to enter turret mode so that the machine moves to a certain point.

8. With 6 stars, you won't last long =)

Transport list:

- Truck:

Barracks are military trucks with garbage truck cabins.

The barracks kit is a 4-door version of the barracks

The DPF-30 missile is a DPF-30-based missile system that is launched when you press the left mouse button


patriotfb4x4 - military version of the FBI Jeep

patriot2dors - 2-door version of Patriot

Huntley - military version of Huntley Jeep

Patriot 2 is a mix of Patriot and real Hummer

Patriot 1 is also a mixture of the Patriot and the real Hammer

Patriota2 is also a mix of Patriot and real Hummer, with only a machine gun

- Fired Jeep:

Patriot 1 is a blend of Patriot and a true hummer capable of shooting only in turret mode.

Hidden Jeep:

Huntlihunt - Huntley's hunter's version of the Jeep

AMpremier is a mix of Premier and Jeep)

Other transport:

The sanchezAM is a military-colored hidden hunting bike, unlike the regular sanchez

Speeders are similar to a normal speedboat, but have a military color.

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