ReAgdoll Tools and Configurations for Ragdolls.

Category - Tools for Garry's Mod
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About This Mod

Function added by ReAgdoll:

An animated ragdall that reacts to the damage it takes before it dies. It reacts to fire, projectiles, physics, explosions and even blows.

The Ragdolls always react to their surroundings. Bones may be broken, fire may catch fire, burnt corpses may appear and premature death!

Ragdolls are also effective targets for NPC! They'll shoot an enemy ragdoll until he stops moving!..

A number of physics options make the regdoll behave the way you want. Options include physically increasing bullets and explosions, and whether ragdolls encounter players or NPCs.

To maintain order on the battlefield, ReAgdoll offers time-based cleaning and battlefield-based body cleaning options!

The finely detailed Ragdoll shows dead faces and outstretched arms! If desired, it can be made thin and wobbly!....

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