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About This Mod

- Election issue: 1997, 2000, 2005,2007.

- Selection of hopper volume: 6000, 7500, 6500, 8000 and 7000 liters;

- Choice of the brand of wheels: "Rosava" and "Belshina"; installation on the floor of the track is possible; installation on wheelchairs and trucks is possible;

- Choice of engine: NMZ 238 or Cummins;

-Choice of choice: GrassmowerPM-7 (available14cubic meters); two modifications ofIRS shredder;PKN1500 shredder (available);

-4 grain reapers: JU-6, JU-7, JU-8,6,Power Stream 700;2sunflower reapers:PSP 10,Falcon 810;corn reaperArgus;2pick-up:PP340,Swa Pick 342,transporter2 truck;

-Wide selection of reel designs;

-Interactive control on the combine;

-Since different combines have different couplings and inclined cameroutwards positions, it is necessary to choose, skakimcombinomusuyusuetsya jacket and pick-up configurations"couplings"in the store.This refers toPS 700 and Swa Pick;

-Other configurations.

NoteThe PS 700, Falcon, Argus, and Swa Pick are suitable only for the Don2007 version; add-on SwathingAddon required;add-onSwathingAddoncan be installed on the PS 700, Falcon, Argus, Swa Pick, or Swa Pick!

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