Category - Maps for Euro Truck Simulator 2
Mod version:2.7.0
Game version:1.49
The mod has been successfully tested for the absence of viruses

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About This Mod

Changes on the map in version 2.7.0:

Version 1.49.

Added route R-351 from Tyumen to Yekaterinburg, as well as Asbest, Bogdanovich, Beloyarsky and Pishma.

Expansion of the city of Kazan. Addition of entry to Kazan in Mamadysh district.

Addition of the M-7 motorway between Kazan and Arsk to link with the "Map of Kirov" project.

Addition of Argash in Chelyabinsk region.

Extended skin pack from Danila Tanchuk.

A small restoration of the entire map.

These corrections are necessary for the restoration to work:

The game version is 1.49 (!) maps.

All DLCs for standard map extensions should be available (East, Scandinavia, Long Live France, Italy, Beyond the Baltic, Black Sea Route, Iberia).

Note: The New Western Balkans DLC is not required!

If the add-on is not present, the card will not work properly.

If you want to get the most comfortable gaming experience (in terms of installation and interaction with other MFIs), create a separate profile, run the card on the module siburmap.mbd and play only in the project area, regardless of third-party MFIs. You can do the following

Map of Siberia (ETS 2)

Changes on the map in version 2.6.0:

Added road R-254 from Kurgan to Tyumen and settlements Chervishevo and Isetskoye.

City of Tyumen added. The interchanges at Cervishevskaya, Moscow and TKAD have been partially completed. Repairs have not yet been completed and will continue on other issues.

Added the northern part of Yekaterinburg ring road and the Velozovsky microdistrict, Yekaterinburg ring road forms a ring, completed the development of Yekaterinburg itself. It is planned to develop the suburbs of Yekaterinburg.

Kazan-Gabdullah-Tukai International Airport was added. In the next version, it is planned to partially implement the M-7 highway and the city of Kazan and connect it with the map of Kirov.

All petrol stations on the map will be repaired and replaced with prefabricated parts and models, and stations will use realistic branding instead of BPM and Gazmer.

Many small changes will be made throughout the map, including terrain modification, texture replacement, lighting points, and sound effects.

Author of 10avoid.

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