Realistic sounds of rain and thunder

Category - Sounds
Mod version:V6.9
Game version:1.49
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About This Mod

History of changes

Compatible with 1.49.x

Other fixes and improvements

Changes in version 3.8.

* Compatible with ATS 1.39.x

* Water/Rain configured

changelog v3.6.

* Improvements in rain and effects

Changelog v3.5.

* Improved water: rivers, oceans, beaches, lakes, ponds, etc.

* Improved some sounds

Changelog v3.4.

* Added 17 new HQ thunder sounds.

* Improved glare

Changelog v3.3.

* Improved overall water/rain effect

* Improved dirt/dust particles on wheels

Changelog v3.2.

* A few minor updates and improvements

Change History v3.1.

* New Realistic Rain Effects

* New rain/water effect

* New realistic thunder sounds

* Improved spray/particles on wheels.

* Improved realism of water, lakes, oceans, beaches, ponds, rivers, etc.

* Compatible with ETS version 1.38.x.

* Realistic sounds of thunder.

* Realistic thunder sounds inside and outside the truck compartment.

* Realistic raindrops and windshield effects.

* Realistic sounds of rain.

* Realistic rain effect.

* Realistic sound of rain.

* Realistic rainfall intensity (from light to heavy).

* Realistic water (e.g. sea and rivers, lakes, beaches, etc.).

* Rain particles/wheel spray (trucks and AI traffic).

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