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Mod version:v23.92
Game version:1.49
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About This Mod

Change log v23.92.


Added a new extra horn sound to the 2015 Ford Mustang GT Premium audio set in AI traffic.

Adjusted the probability of replacing the standard air brake sound.

- Additional news of the plugin.

Updated winter sound effects in ETS2 to remove cricketing sounds.



For more than eight years, this mod has been bringing a more exciting experience to the regular sound effects of games!

One fashion contains a lot of realistic sounds, making it an excellent option for Convoy Multiplayer with a limit of 100 mods.



* No bugs in game logs, should be a high priority in the mod manager.

* Does not replace individual track sounds of players, so mod works with unlimited number of track sounds mods of your choice.

* Compatible with all cards and all audio tracks, including audio track mods.

* Supports single and multiplayer Convoy modes, marked as an optional mod in Convoy mode.

* When using this mod on a dedicated Convoy server, it is recommended to enable "mods_optioning" to avoid mod version restrictions.

Minimum requirements.


The following mods require a higher priority in MOD Manager:

- Card Modes (e.g. ProMods)

- Artificial intelligence traffic mode (e.g. Jazzycat Traffic Pack)

- Rain Modes (unless proven compatible)

Function List


This modifier includes the following dynamic and realistic sounds:

- Various sounds of suspension and tire failure (including trailers).

- Sounds of petrol/gas station.

· Sounds when you close the doors and fasten the seat belts after refueling.

- Improved train sounds (including integrated sounds for individual trains).

- Unique sounds of the call at the crossings for different places.

- Realistic tire and road noise for all terrain types (including asphalt, gravel, grass, snow and sleepers).

- Improved tire screeching sound effects.

- The Nokia mobile phone ringtone replaces the rush/late music to reduce the player's stress.

· Changed standard sound effects, including improved air brake sound and softer reversing sound.

- Improved sound effects of AI vehicles, including the sound effect of a motorcycle from the Jazzycat package.

- Added speaker effects to British and American voice navigation changes to eliminate impractical language.

· High-speed wind and gust sounds only when the windows are open.

- Added ambient and ambient sound effects, and tastefully changed existing ambient sound effects in the game world.

· Sound effects of trailer hitch and trailer bracket rotation.

- Two separate air beeps.

- Soft remixes of the historic track 66 music road in American Truck Simulator.

- Dynamic external and internal sounds of rain, various sounds of thunder with delays.

· The default wiper sound is only used when the windshield is dry.

- Additional and improved sound effects of gearbox polishing by default.

- Intense reverberation effects under bridges and flyovers.

· (Optional) Refrigerator/frozen trailer sound effect

- (Optional - for ATS only) CB Radio Officer Intelligence Report (enabled via voice navigation option).

To further enhance the realism, MOD can also add official colors to each sound AI vehicle.



* Basic sound effects created by SCS Software.

* Safe Driving: remix and edit, some sound samples compiled by MOD.

* Antonvezdehod and Katixa provided the sounds of fast tires.

* Darkcaptain provides samples of thunder and rain sounds.

* Grinch provides redundant ring sounds at intersection for Euro Truck Simulator 2.

* Kass for samples of thunder and rain.

* Kriechbaum for flashing light and exhaust sounds switch in Mack E6 engine sound modifier.

* Trayscapes for recording tracks Mack E6.

* Basil EURO: air brake sound samples

* Zeemod created wind sound samples

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