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Mod version:1.49
Game version:1.49
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About This Mod

Adapting to ETS2 1.49.*.

- Add the road version of fashion to all SCS police and emergency vehicles equipped with beacons and personal siren sounds, and sleep with opponents at the same frequency as the default machines.

- All machines have personal sounds for all EU countries covered by SCS.

· Every car can sleep only with beacons or only with beacons and sounds.

- Each alert sound lasts 20-30 seconds, at random intervals before being notified again.

- All vehicles have engine sounds (imported from my real Ai sounds).

- Vehicles generated by road events have no sounds.

Other MOD features are only available in conjunction with my MOD "Real Traffic Density":

- Emergency vehicles have their own speed rating, but all Ai vehicles are subject to road signs and red lights.

- Police and emergency vehicles are limited by default (no alarms or sounds) to local roads.

- Silent versions of actual emergency vehicles (less likely to make a sound) can be generated on local roads.

· Ai cars generated in cities and on highways are more likely to make sounds.

Changelog v1.2:


- Added mp_mod_optional to the list (this update is not required if you are still playing version 1.44 or a single game).

Future updates.

- Addition of cloned common vehicles with personal sounds for countries/regions not covered by SCS.

It is recommended to use a different mod to standardize the sounds of all Ai vehicles:


- Real Ai Traffic Sounds ETS2

- Real ETS2 train sounds

Author: Cip, Sources: Todor Alin (Romanian version), SCS (default vehicles), FMOD and YouTube (sounds).

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