Auto repair shop AMM

Category - Mods for Cyberpunk 2077
Mod version:0.1.2
Game version:All
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About This Mod

This is a Mod Deco preset of the appearance menu for Car Modification Shop, a wonderful fashion created by E3roKK.

Have you installed Car Modification Shop mod? Do you like it? Would you like to have a normal garage rather than an empty lot? Me too!

The motivation for this preset was the creation of a garage space on an empty lot used by Car Modification Shop fashion. In particular, the skylight is not perfect. I tried to concentrate on hiding the grass in this place. There's a lot of grass here, and I've tried to make the site look clear of the slopes.

If someone wants to make changes based on this... Go! Later I will be able to remove and add assets from the game, but for now I will use the standard assets provided by the Appearance Menu Mod mod. I couldn't find garage doors, gas welding cylinders, balancing machines, broken cars, garbage bags or dump trucks.

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