Patch 70 km

Mod version:1.0
Game version:All
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About This Mod

Hello everyone, waiting for CS2 I decided to do a patch (unofficial). (Perhaps some of you want to play on big cards.)

Brief description: Allows you to play CS1 in territories 4 times larger than the original.

Read more: Test patch. The total size of the area is 70x70 km (4900 sq km). Unlocked all tiles (81). Sometimes there are problems with roads passing through the terrain and blue spots appearing in the terrain. I hope to fix this in the future when I have more time. In addition, maps from the original game may not work, so you will have to create new maps.

Patch Dependencies This patch should be used with the Plop The Glowables mod: Otherwise, the buildings will disappear after flooding. We also hope to correct this error in the future.

Minor Fix: Removed dependence of buildings on water and electricity/heating.

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