Hotel Leningradskaya

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About This Mod

Hilton Moscow Leningrad is one of seven high-rise buildings in Moscow. It is located on the Komsomolskaya Square (also known as the "Square of Three Railway Stations") and was built in 1954 by architects Leonid Polyakov and Alexander Boretsky. The neoclassical style with quasi-Russian elements echoes the Kazansky Station building, which at an altitude of 136 meters is the lowest of the high-rise buildings. For the design of the hotel, the architect received the Stalin Prize. A year later, however, the building was criticized by Khrushchev's decree "On the elimination of excessive decorativeness". Khrushchev especially noted the excessive decorativeness of the hotel and inefficient use of space. As a result, the architects were deprived of the prize; in 2008, the skyscraper underwent extensive restoration work and was renamed Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya.

Gaming Information

High Density Commercial Building

Floors: 3

Area: 7x10

Number of employees: 80

Cost: 80,000

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