Toyota Supra MK4 - JZA80

Category - Passenger cars
Mod version:Update
Game version:0.30
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About This Mod


LHD Added

Added USDM details

Added automatic speed switch

Rear wheels replaced by 17x9 with 255 wide tires

Added stage 4 engine block and turbocharger

Active lip replaced with decorative lip (no longer deformed, but does not affect aerodynamics)

Added Top Secret GT300 and Chargespeed wide-body kits

Added Street Drag, GT300 Via Baiyoke, Chargespeed and US settings

description_0 Toyota Supra MK4 - JZA80


BeamNG - 200bx, ETK K-Series and other assets.

crashmaster - engine models

Hell_Raiser_999 - engine sounds

Ezo - Front Suspension Base

NFS2015 - base models and textures

CSR2 - M5s Racing Heart Tuner

Forza Horizon 4 - interior details, lip Greddy

Assetto Corsa - Conventional headlights, TRD sensors

Gran Turismo 7 - lip TRD

Assoluto Racing - trade name TRD 3000GT

Initial D - front lip Bomex, TRD Type R spoiler

Juiced 2 - Bomex, Vale Side bodykit

Import Tuner Challenge - the decals of the 2000s in the style of a trible

CarX Drift Racing - BN Sports Body Kit

Wanted188 - Supra Modified Skins

Hi, Est.

It's a conversion different from the old A80 Esta, so it won't conflict with her.

It's based on ETK K, but we've done our best to make it a different control.

Nobody's selling it this time.

Please report bugs and be constructive.

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