Honda Civic FD2 [Free]

Category - Passenger cars
Mod version:V.02 Update
Game version:0.30
The mod has been successfully tested for the absence of viruses

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About This Mod

This is a beta version of Honda Civic FD2 V0.2 from Fake Mods. Please indicate that this is a beta version when republishing. Many people write that 9000RPM is a fashion bug. But this is a genuine revolution.


- Added navigation system.

- Added full lighting for PBR (W.I.P.) interior and dashboard icons.

- Changed the texture of carbon fiber (no longer hits the eyes), changed the chromium texture, corrected the texture of broken glass on the headlights.

- Fixed basic checkpoint errors.

- Added animation of gearbox and turn signals.

- Changed flashing lights to light up in the right position

- Added air bags

- Updated internal camera

- Fixed tachometer backlight

· You can now turn on the interior lights (using the fog light buttons, etc.)

· Fixed rear light suspension (brake and headlight)

"The digital lighting will be improved later.

- Fixed the distortion of the steering wheel and its coloring.

As well as passing beam, speedometer, headlights, etc., etc.

Write add-ons for steering and tuning, talk about bugs!

Honda Civic FD2 - W.I.P. FREE!

Changed features.

- All textures were made except digital speedometer and navigator.

- Added the entire suspension system: springs, brakes, etc.

- Added two new wheels: Honda Civic Type R FD2 and Mugen GP.

- Each wheel comes in three colors: black, silver (as in the picture) and white for Type R. Mugen wheels are available in black, bronze (in the photo) and yellow.

- New sports steering wheel made of carbon fiber (pictured).

- Interior improvements and various bug fixes.

- Added Pessima parts that we forgot to add.

- Fixed minor bugs.

· The headlight, rear headlight and front headlight (PBR) textures are fully formed.

- The interior is completely ready, except for the navigator and dashboard.

- Various improvements and improvements

- Added bottom and suspension.

- All the headlights are now glowing.

- Fixed problems and minor errors.

- Accurate tachometer

- Optical system.

- Fixed most errors in models and textures and made minor improvements!

Loans - Fake Mods.

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