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Mod version:2.7
Game version:0.30
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About This Mod

American sedan Ford Crown Victoria 1998-2011 for

- 44 sets;

- Premium model;

- Detailed interior;

- Jbeam;

- Skins of the police and taxis.


The 4.1-liter I6, the 4.6-liter V8, is close to the Ford modular 4.6-liter engine, the 6.0-liter diesel V8, the 3.9-liter V8, and the 3.5-liter V6.

Version 2.7 (21.11.23):


· New Reversing Light textures.

- New lights.

- Details for police laptops and dashcams.

- Added on-screen buttons for police laptop and dashcam.

- New textures for position lights.

· Stroboscope and turn mode for rear lights, rear lights and reversing lights.

- Two-sign taxi.

- New texture for the third stop signal.

· When the vehicle’s temperature reaches 123.8 degrees Celsius/255 degrees Fahrenheit, the *gas flap* is turned off to prevent further overheating.

- The speed limiter on the basic civilian model is 106 mph.

- Redesigned the speed switches to make the police ECU more aggressive than the baseline.

The TR-3650 replaces the T-45.

· The air intake grid has been changed. (If a solid color is used, it must be part of the UV).

- Added broken lens texture for rear lights.

- MIP mapping has been added to some textures.

- Added new plastic textures for radiator grille parts, door handles, mirrors, cluster/radio and dashboard trim.


- Added new textures for interior dome lighting.

- Placed decals of old paint for Rochester, New York.

· Fixed: yellow turn signal light of rear brake lights.

- Fixed an error where the halogen spotlight grid was attached to the driver's spotlight.

· Some changes have been made to the rear light material.

- Some changes have been made to the configuration prices to make them more realistic in the career mode.

- Fixed an issue where interior lighting did not work in update 0.30.

- Fixed lighting textures on LWB domes.

- Changed the size of taxi signs and added direction signs to taxi signs.

- Reduced ECU idling speed to ~650 rpm.

- Fixed old UV steering wheel.

- Slightly corrected UV light of the rearview mirror.

· The old traction control system did not have a traction control button.

Author Maxy_k9-Fυyau / BeamNG / FH4

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