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  • DLCfun.com: Upload your game mods and be rewarded with $100,000 for authors

DLCfun.com: Upload your game mods and be rewarded with $100,000 for authors

$100,000 for your game add-ons!

DLCfun.com: Upload your game mods and be rewarded with $100,000 for authors

DLCfun.com announces a new stage of development - we open the doors for creative minds and announce the possibility of earning money on created game add-ons. We are pleased to offer a unique platform for mod authors with an innovative remuneration model.

In order to support and reward talented game mod authors, DLCfun.com is setting aside an impressive $100,000 to reward user-generated content. This means that anyone who posts their add-ons on our platform will receive cash for every download of their content.

We believe in the power of creativity and innovation, so we've created a unique reward system that incentivises mod authors and helps them earn money from their ideas. With DLCfun.com, every developer can find their place and be rewarded for their contribution to the gaming industry.

Our platform offers a wide range of game categories, from strategy and RPGs to arcades and simulators, which opens up unlimited possibilities for creativity. We also provide a convenient and easy interface for uploading and managing content, making the process as accessible as possible for every creator.

This is not just an opportunity to earn money, but a unique chance to be part of a global gaming community, share ideas and get rewarded for your creativity. Our goal is to create a place where every talented mod author will find recognition and the opportunity to realise their ideas.

Since the launch of the DLCfun.com platform, we have already received a lot of amazing modifications that have sparked the interest of gamers around the world. This confirms our commitment to support and encourage creative thinking and diversity of ideas.

Join DLCfun.com today to be a part of this amazing opportunity. For those who want to contribute to the world of game modding and earn from their talent, DLCfun.com is your place!