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Mod version:1.11
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About This Mod

This mod adds to the need for postal services from the Arctic to the Old and New World and adds two new post offices.

These two buildings were added to the list of public buildings for the Artisan and Engineer classes. They can be found in the "Building an artisan/engineer/obreo" menu or in the "Building a city" menu.

Post offices and post offices are unlocked with 750 artisans at OW and 1,250 cladding at NW.

The Central Post Office is unlocked with 5,000 engineers in OW and 5,000 obderos in NW.

Mail gives up to 3 prosperity if its needs are satisfied, and up to -3 prosperity if not satisfied.

There are two versions of these buildings: one with a normal gray roof and one with a red tiled roof.

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