Modular production

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Mod version:2.5
Game version:All
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About This Mod

The modular increase in production includes various modular mods that increase production and population.

Version 2 includes the first color-friendly street pavement for people with red-green color blindness.

All production increases and module reductions are now 50%; the 20% version was obsolete and will no longer be updated. In fact, the absence of the "right" supply chain was a problem of some sort.

Farms received a 50 percent increase in production.

Added FAST STREETS submode to increase transport distance. The distance to increase production is the same on dirt roads. On asphalt roads the distance will be slightly greater than in the unmodified version.

50 percent increase in animal production

50 per cent increase in mine production

Population increased by 100

50% reduction in farm area and 50% increase in production

Abolition of royal tax

Street layout convenient for color-blind people

Icons of ships on the map

Faster streets

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description_1 Modular production
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description_3 Modular production

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