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Mod version:1.4
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About This Mod

After reaching 3,000 investors, additional warships with a special texture can be built at the steam yard.

They have high hit and damage rates, but move much more slowly. Looks like a real strong battleship, not a "cruiser."

12,000 health.

 84 Range.

 110 DPS

 770 Damage/Damage

 7 seconds of recharging.

 8 speeds

Cost 115 Steel

 60 High caliber weapons

 50 Steam engine

 20 Rice

 24 Blows.

 1875 Contents.

The battleships' strength is directed against larger ships, and they are vulnerable to smaller ships such as the Monitor.

Therefore, the battleship defeats the cruiser, which in turn defeats the Monitor.

This choice was made to give balance to this ship, otherwise it would have been replaced by another ship. However, it is a very powerful ship.

The grid has been fully configured in blender.

Most of the textures were created in Substance Painter, and some were modified from the original Anno 1800 files.

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