Free accommodation in Farmfield

Category - Mods for Anno 1800
Mod version:1.4
Game version:All
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About This Mod

To remove restrictions on cultural buildings, see Placing cultural modules radially under Season.

To increase the radius of animal farms, see Increase the size of an animal farm.

Farms should be located next to each other. This is very difficult, as roads and other buildings interfere with the placement of farms (especially during the construction of super-buffer farms).

Therefore, the mod removes the restriction that all farm fields should be located next to each other. Instead, farmland is now confined to a large radius, like paddocks.

In addition, the restriction that tractor barns and silo towers should be located next to the main building has been removed.

Thanks to Aks47 for the offer.

The radius was chosen to appear reasonable, but still left enough space for most places.

description_0 Free accommodation in Farmfield
description_1 Free accommodation in Farmfield
description_2 Free accommodation in Farmfield
description_3 Free accommodation in Farmfield
description_4 Free accommodation in Farmfield

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