Better Raindrops

Category - Textures (skins) for American Truck Simulator
Mod version:1.8
Game version:1.49
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About This Mod

This mod improves the rain drops on the windshield and makes them more realistic.

- Added new textures and significantly increased the number of raindrops;

- Improved physical behavior of particles, so that their appearance depends more on the position of the route relative to the rain gradient.

This mod is compatible with mods that change the rain (for example - Improved SCS Rain). Place it on top of other mods related to rain and sound. - Improved texture and particle behavior;

- The sounds of rain in the interior were moved from "Truck Effects" to "Interior Sounds";

- Addition "Snowflakes" for winter modes (includes new textures and sounds);

- Cabin audio settings from Engine Sound Megapack (TSRM and Engine Sound Megapack) have been merged into one Cabin Sound Equaliser plugin for better file handling and compatibility with other sound mods. 

description_0 Better Raindrops
description_1 Better Raindrops

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